"Latin America has the largest skills gap in the world, with 75% of its companies citing difficulties sourcing talent."

– World Economic Forum, 2018.


Plataforma is working to bridge the gap by:

Discovering and mentoring overlooked talent who leverage a growth mindset to excel in adverse environments.

Offering tailored training programs from leading institutions to fill skill gaps and promote diversity hiring.

Leveraging powerful analytics and talent management tools to help employers source, filter, onboard, and manage hires.

Join us as we revolutionize the way the world sources and trains untapped talent

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Plataforma works to understand the skill gaps that exist within companies and helps develop tailored programs for them, training talent to satisfy their unique needs. This streamlines the recruiting and integration process for employers while enabling individuals from marginalized populations to receive more efficient, targeted training.

The high potential talent coming through these training programs are added to Plataforma’s comprehensive recruiting platform, a technology that provides employers access to skills analytics, soft skills assessments, and asynchronus video interviews of candidates. We also integrate results-based metrics like cost, performance, and retention to provide companies visibility on the quality of their hire long after the contracting period.