Aurélio Mororó

Aurélio Nunes Mororó

Aurélio is one of those people you can always count on and, on top of that, he always does everything with great willingness, is proactive and goes to great lengths to help the Platform’s students and staff. He is very responsible, punctual, assiduous and is always looking for alternatives so we can go even further. He is one of the first to arrive at the Platform to prepare the room for classes. He knows how to work in a team, shares his knowledge, his joy and brings people together. Is always helping students during the proposed activities.

Aurélio studies Computer Science, participates as a Jedi (scholarship facilitator) in our technology course focused on programming and is already working on real projects! In addition, he administers English classes on Saturdays, free of charge, along with another Jedi for Plataforma students. He is an example of a determined, honest person who is thirsty for learning and who fights for his dreams! 

Last year, he was working at a fast food store!

Today, he dreams of working for a large technology company and continuing to support the Platform’s activities.

How about knowing a little more about him?

Aurélio is 23 years old, the son of separated parents and, therefore, divides his time to be with both. He has a 13-year-old brother and lives in Vila Verde, sub-district of Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro. He is the son of Nordestinos, who moved to Vila Verde when Aurélio was born. “At the time, it was just a simple shack, with brick walls, so over time they fixed it,” Aurélio told us. His mother is from Piauí and his father from Ceará.

Aurélio told us that at the end of high school he stopped studying as he used to do, he was unmotivated with his studies and ended up repeating the last year of school. He spent a year without any activity and, a while later, he got a partial scholarship at Unicarioca. “I started college excited, but ended up getting discouraged after the first semester.” After the separation from his parents, the financial situation was very complicated, so Aurélio had to work to pay for college.

“I started working at Bob’s and spent almost a year and a half there. I felt like I was stagnant for 4 or 5 years, unable to get out of the same place. Plataforma was the push I needed to find the courage to move”.

One of the professionals working at the Plataforma knew Aurélio for many years and encouraged him to look for us. He went to Plataforma to look for the opportunity to complement the knowledge received at the university and also to contribute to the growth of other people with what he had learned so far. Our teacher talked to Aurélio and was impressed with his technical knowledge. He had no doubts and invited him to be our Jedi. We were talking once and he told us “I learned more in two months on the Platform than I learned in two years in college.”


Aurélio is in the 4th period of his graduation in Computer Science and, in addition to working at a fast food company to help pay for his studies, he took an English course on Saturdays.

It was a pleasant surprise to meet Aurélio, at first, very shy, he hardly spoke, but when he did, he was always very assertive and firm.

You know that super shy guy? It disappeared! He became every day more communicative, funny and a very nice facilitator!


We invite him to join us as a Jedi (scholarship facilitator) of the Plataforma so that he can fully dedicate himself to his studies and support other students. Having Aurélio as a Jedi was the best thing we could have done! He seized the opportunity with all his strength and is always doing his best! Aurélio is an excellent ambassador of the Plataforma’s culture!

Do you want to know more about Aurélio and help him grow even more?

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